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Below is a description of standard available services.  Please contact me today for any additional information including current promotions, custom options and on-site services.


Cassandra Partridge, CMT

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 Swedish Massage:

A popular type of therapy including kneading and

 rhythmic strokes of light to medium pressure and



Deep Tissue Massage:  

Combines various bodywork techniques. 

The goal is to work out specific areas of  pain or

 tension and induce a state of deep relaxation.


Sports/Active Lifestyle Massage:

Techniques designed to enhance athletic

performance and speed up recovery time.


Hot Stone Massage:

The application of hot basalt stones on your energy

 centers to re-balance the body and mind.  The deep

 penetrating heat improves circulation and blood flow.


Aqua Foot Detox:

A bio-electric foot bath treatment that utilizes

electricity and water through the feet to detoxify and

 energize the entire body.  Detox tea is provided

during treatment.



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